Chipotle with Drive-Through

Chipotle joined other fast food companies in investing in Chipotle with drive-through technology and online ordering. To chronicle the experience, I went to one in Canandaigua, New York.


Chipotle has ten US Chipotlanes by early 2019, and officials told Insider that they wanted to add dozens more while also investing in digital ordering. Chipotle’s digital sales skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, accounting for more than half of total sales by 2020.


Now, the company is focusing on expanding its online-only “Chipotlanes” and creating additional venues. Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol said during an earnings conference that the company expects to more than quadruple its store count.


The additional drive-thru lanes seem to be crucial to the chain’s future prosperity, with encouraging results expected in the fourth quarter of 2020. According to Stifel analysts, Chipotle has some of the “most enticing unit growth possibilities” based on its performance.


The growth coincides with the optimization of drive-thrus by fast-food and fast-casual chains around the nation. Since the pandemic shuttered many dining rooms, drive-through orders have increased throughout the fast-food business. McDonald’s, which now has 25,000 drive-thrus globally, claims that drive-thrus account for 70% of sales in key areas. Sweetgreen, a salad business, is also getting in on the act.


Chipotle operates on an assembly line basis, with customers moving down the line of ingredients to customize their burrito or bowl. In 2019, Chipotle establishments will also have a second assembly line behind the scenes called the “digital make line.”


That area is devoted to placing mobile and delivery orders, such as those seen at Chipotle. With internet sales surging, Chipotle with drive-through announced plans to recruit 10,000 more staff this summer to handle digital transactions.

What Does Chipotle Drive-Through Mean?

Customers and delivery drivers may pick up their digital orders at Chipotle with a drive-through or walk-up window. In addition, the new restaurant will provide terrace space for customers to enjoy their meals.

Why Does Chipotle Have No Pick-Up Times?

“Smarter Pickup Times” technology from Chipotle dynamically analyzes digital order capacity to guarantee that each restaurant can properly handle the digital orders going into the second end-up making.


Can I Order Chipotle Before They Open?

Those who use the app, on the other hand, may order meals hours in advance, picking the exact time they would like to pick it up when they make their order. Chipotle gets thousands of online orders before its locations even open, according to Garner, as consumers book a midday window to come in and get their burritos and bowls.

Can I Pick-Up Chipotle Drive-Through?

When purchasing from the Chipotle app, customers may choose “car side pickup,” and a worker will carry the meal out to the vehicle. To facilitate the handoff, guests may enter the type, manufacture, and color of their car into the app.


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