Healthy Bowl from Chipotle

You may have heard that the average Chipotle order has 1,000 calories, but if you’re wondering whether there’s a way to eat a healthy bowl from Chipotle , the simple answer is yes.


The fast-casual restaurant, like other chain alternatives, has some good and some bad selections. If you’re trying to eat better, the biggest difficulty with ordering at Chipotle is that the servings of the less nutritious dishes are massive, while the good-for-you foods are rare.


But that’s OK if you’re ready to pay a little more for a great meal. Double or quadruple the fajita vegetables, additional romaine lettuce, and all of the salsas provide a taste that’s rich in nutritional value yet low in calories.


As a general rule, I advocate skipping the rice at Chipotle and its ilk, mostly because it’s the least tasting dish and may easily rack up calories without offering any of the nutrient-dense goodness found in the other toppings. Using beans as a basis instead provides plant-based protein and fiber, as well as minerals and antioxidants that aid with immunity.

Which One is Going in Your Burrito Bowl?

The tortilla itself should be reconsidered as well. The tortilla alone has 320 calories, all of which are from refined carbohydrates. That will leave you feeling bloated and drowsy after dinner and throughout the day.


Salads, burrito bowls, and tacos are your best bets. All products on the kid’s menu half the serving size, which may seem modest at first but allows for so much more.


If you triple the fajita vegetables, add more romaine, corn salsa, guac, and cheese, you’ll have a very filling lunch for around 600 calories. You’ll also get prepared dessert in the shape of oranges or berries.


So, the next time you want Mexican, choose one of these five meals to avoid overdoing it.


They’re all about 650 calories or fewer and ideal for quick, full meals:


  1. A burrito bowl for any protein, beans, double fajita vegetables, and additional salsa; leave off the rice.
  2. A steak salad with beans, guacamole, and additional salsa; leave off the dressing and cheese.
  3. Any veggie burrito bowl or salad (no meat or sofritas) with beans, or double treble fajita vegetables, all salsas, guacamole, and cheese; exclude rice and additional dressing.
  4. Corn tacos with beans or meat; top with all the vegetables, salsas, and a half serving of guacamole and cheese. Pass on the rice once again.
  5. Children’s menu Corn tacos with additional vegetables, meat, guac, salsas, and cheese; request water or something unsweetened with a piece of fruit instead of juice.

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